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"Catherine was a brilliant, professional and classy actor.
She took to the roles very easily and looked authentic. Easy to work with and I would urge anyone to do the same, as I know she is well sort after.
Looking forward to our next shoot."
- Ope Lori, Casting Director

"Catherine shows us a perfessional actress work attitude and She looks charming over the camera.
She is fun to work with and always glad to help. I strongly recommend Catherine as your first option."
-Qing He, Diector; THE STRANGER

"Catherine is a very talented and powerful actress with a lot of experience working in front of camera, which makes it very easy to work with her.
Directing her, in The (Embarrassing) Memoirs of Elisa Bell, was an honour because she both did her homework in creating an amazing character of 'Suzie', however, she was still open to directions and prepared for changes.
Furthermore, Catherine has a very expressive face and conveys her emotions in a both elegant and interesting way.
This makes her excellent in both drama and comedy.
I would highly recommend working with her."

"Catherine joined our production with only a couple of weeks to go before we opened. Normally, losing an actor due to illness can cause a lot of worries to a cast and director, but Catherines natural skills and dedication put everyone at ease in the rehearsal room. She has a natural comic instinct and a burning desire to find new ways in which to improve and enhance her performance. From the first rehearsal she had a clear character, and a clear understanding of how the character worked within the story, bringing both energy and eye for detail to the piece."
- Venture Wolf Production Team; DEPARTURE DATE

"Catherine Adams impressed audiences with her portrayal of Hannie Collins, older sister of Irish icon Michael Collins. Playing opposite such a charismatic character required an actor able to hold the stage in her own right and Catherine achieved this aim with aplomb and surety. In a performance full of subtly and wit, Catherine was able to define a character which, historically, is not as well know and Collins himself. Audiences rated both actors in the play highly with special mention of Catherine's fine performance."
- John Dunne, Director/Writer; COLLINS IN LONDON

"Working with Catherine Adams was one of the greater privileges I experienced during the Hilda shoot. It has always been very important for me to mould a character with an actor before the shoot itself - and I found this experience with Catherine to be amongst the most rewarding. Catherine gave everything to the role of Sasha, the mother of the protagonist in Hilda. We would spend weeks looking into every inch of Sasha's backstory, and I saw how all of those hours materialised and progressed during the shooting process. I learnt a lot about how to direct actors from Catherine. Her work ethic and interest in every step of the working process compelled me to push even harder to do her performance justice in the film. Having seen Catherine perform in other plays, features and shorts, I have witnessed her versatility as an actress. She is someone who's career I will be following forever."
- Rishi Pelham, Director; HILDA

"Catherine, is a dedicated, passionate and committed actress.
She perfectly demonstrated the ability to portray the schizophrenic aspect of the Queen of Hearts, effortlessly shifting from the classic, screechy and deranged childlike aspect of the part to the blundering, controlling and comic Teresa May imitation that was required of her.
She is an intuitive, instinctive and exciting actress to watch on stage, never losing connection with her character. Xx"
- Scott James, Producer; ALICE

"Catherine has now completed her work on my current film.
Her role was that of a prostitute and her performance was truly brilliant.
Having read the script she clearly wanted to know 'Candi' the character she played, and brought depth and humour to the role.
Thanks again, Catherine"
- Jon Brindle, Director; The Next Big Thing

"Catherine was brilliant to work with as she was extremely professional/calm even though she travelled from London after a long day for an evening shoot in Farnham.
It was a UCA (University for the Creative Arts) student production and we learned a great deal from her being on set.
Her experience and skill as an actor allowed our other actor in the scene who's a university student to maximise his potential/be in a similar level to Catherine.
Overall I was very pleased and truly appreciate Catherine's effort/performance in what was a very short film and would definitely love to work with her again in the future!"
- Prince Gurung, Producer/Director; CATFISH

"Catherine played the role of Marsha in my student remake of Edgar Wrights 'Spaced'.
She was a fantastic actress to work with, very professional throughout the project and very enthusiastic about the role.
Her talent as an actress was paired with a wonderful, professional work ethic.
She was well prepared for the role and mastered the comedy of the part; making her a real asset to the cast.
She was easy to direct but also had her own creative input that added to the character.
It was great to have Catherine on board for my project.
Once again it was fantastic to work with you, thank you so much for playing Marsha perfectly, I hope you like the video!"
- Jemma Cotterell, Director; Spaced Remake

"Re: Catherine Adams
As a previous associate and a director familiar with this actress, I can honestly say my life is the better for knowing her.
Her work is peerless in its honesty and integrity, her intentions are true to the craft, art and business to which we belong,
and her imagination & creativity in relation to the roles in which she is cast seems unending.
Catherine is an actress unduely overlooked; one who will belong in the rankings of Dame Maggie Smith and Dame Judi Dench, if history plays out right.
This is a woman of substance; of character; of reality.
Be proud of her, for she will bring you pride.
Not an un-honest word spoken."
- Fraser Kellas, Director; Weird Sisters

"We worked with Catherine on our BA6 project for Norwich University of the Arts.
We were very happy when she decided to work with us, and she was an absolute pleasure to work with.
She provided a voice over for us, and was very versatile and passionate about her work.
The end result was perfect for our commercial. Myself and my team would be very happy to work with her again."
- Alice Dyer, Producer; Domestos Commercial

"No-one can forget the inimitable talents of Catherine Adams once you've met her.
Catherine= Catherine Zeta-Jones + Josie Lawrence X 10
One realizes how sad the modern acting industry is when people like Catherine Adams are not world famous & showing Benedict Cumberbatch how it's really done, because anyone who's worked with her knows that she can... Occasionally a divine spark of authenticity falls from another dimension. I do not know why the solar system has not recognized Catherine Adams yet...
They say Alec Guinness and Peter Sellers could play a handful of roles in a film most convincingly, however, I know Catherine Adams could do 90 in 90 minutes."
- David Ian Baluch, Director; Identity Swap

"I have worked as an Actor with Catherine on two productions.
A play; 'Woyzeck' and most recently, a film; 'False Murder', which I was doubly impressed to discover that she had also written the original script for.
I have always found her to be a pleasant and hard working professional; a valuable asset to any production.
She is incredibly talented.
I look forward to the next time I work with her . "
- Rob Marni, Actor; Woyzeck & False Murder

"As soon as we auditioned Catherine for a role in 'Adots Apprentice' we knew that she had the part.
Her attention to detail and ability to improvise on brief was amazing.
Catherine was great on set and brought a lot of ideas to the table, She was great fun to work with.
Would Definitely work with her in the future."
- Sebastian Thiel, Writer/Director of Adot's Apprentice
Adot's Apprentice

"Catherine is not only one of the most talented actresses I've met but also a very talented script writer.
On recommendation, I commissioned Catherine to write the feature length script for my synopsis of 'False Murder'
and was amazed to discover that not only was she a talented writer but is also a very talented Actress.
As an actress, Catherine puts her mind and soul into her characters and it really is great to watch her at work.
An asset for any Director! :)
Hence my casting her as a supporting lead in 'False Murder'.
I look forward to working with Catherine again in the future.
Yours sincerely,
- Swapnil Waghmare, Director; False Murder
Swim Productions

"Catherine is among the most open-minded actresses that I've had the privilege to work with.
She is reliable, emotionally resilient and is prepared to give everything to the scene.
Her generosity is extended to the actors performing alongside her - never leaving the set until everyone has what they need from her, acting-wise.
I would highly recommend her to anyone in search of a focused professional (with a very unusual face).
She's also a great person to have around a production, keeping up the morale with her great spirit."
- Joao Paulo Simoes, Writer/Director; Lust

"Catherine voiced a character for our game pitch.
She was superbly professional and helped the director - who was a foreign language speaker - to come up with better sounding lines.
She was also very focused, which allowed us to do lot of takes in the allotted time.
Finally, and most importantly, her voice gave just the right depth, warmth, and personality to our character. Check it out!"
Thank-you Ren, for your great work, we hope to do it again some time! :) See it here: Mirrorways- War

Thank you so much!
- K. Swarzmann Ltd., Producer; Mirrorways

After having an informal meeting/chat with Catherine I Commissioned her to write a script for my upcoming feature film 'ContraVersum'.
Catherine delivered on time an excellent first draft.
I'm glad that I had the pleasure to work with her and look forward to future collaborations."
-Paride Odierna (IpodeProductions Ltd.),Director; Contra-Versum

IpodeProductions Ltd.

"Catherine impressed us in the auditions with a quick and easy grasp of a relatively unusual character
and only got better once we were on set shooting the pilot for our web series 'Donald Newman - Underachiever (also saviour of the universe)'.
She brought believability to a character whose appearance greatly differs with her demeanor and showed excellent comic timing
as well as adjusting well to the relatively unrehearsed series of almost slapstick comedy moments.
She humanised an inhuman character perfectly as we had imagined it to be and the ease with which she
fit into the elements of improvistion around the script suited our style perfectly.
We look forward to working with her as the series continues."
-Kristain Mitchell(Writer/Director) Flitter Films.
Donald Newman Trailer

"Catherine Adams worked for Tin Can Podcast on our mini-series The 4 Horsemen where she played 4 parts.
We found her incredibly versatile, which was extremely good for us as she had to pick up some of the roles on the day,
all with a range of accents (the Ukranian was particularly good).
She was also an extremely good sight reader which meant the day ran to schedule
and produced a high quality recording in a mini-series that saw over 10,000 downloads.
We will be using Catherine again and have no problem recommending her for any voice work."
- Mark Lindow (Writer/Producer) Tin Can Podcasts

Hear it hereEpisode 3- War.

"Catherine came all the way down from North London to Farnham, a five hour round trip, to do two hours expenses only unpaid work,
providing voices for animated characters.
She was professional, worked hard, took direction, gave good input, and produced excellent results.
I hope to get a chance to work with her again, but she is getting lots of paid work now, which is not surprising, given her dedication and professionalism.
Thank you, Catherine!"
- John Bush (Director/Writer) Bushytwit Productions

"Catherine played the mother of two young boys aged 4 and 9.
One of the most difficult things for an actress or crew is to work with children, but she remained professional and full of energy.
The kids loved her, we loved her and she worked really hard in really cold conditions with several costume changes on site.,
It was a tough montage to do because in one section she was supposed to be alive and full of energy, in the next scene she was dying and frail
and she pulled it off better than anyone could in my opinion.
I am so glad I chose Catherine for this role."
- James Sharpe (Director) Deep End Digital

"Catherine proved herself to be a truly dedicated professional.
With a minimal amount of rehearsal and preparation time she created a fresh interpretation of her character and delivered
a nuanced performance that shone out during the film. She worked hard during the shoot,
under less than ideal circumstances, and was absolutely charming and a pleasure to direct throughout the entire production."
-Richard Cosgrove (Writer/Director) Cosgrove Productions.
Blade Runner (in 60 seconds)

Catherine has an uncanny and effective talent for reining in the chaos and calamity of life to inform the work she does on stage.
It was great to have her as a company member over the three weeks or so we worked together on Buchner's Woyzeck.
-Alan Marni (Artistic Director, Theatre Mixte)

THE WILD GOOSE CHASE -Edinburgh Fringe 2009
"Catherine was extremely committed to the production, travelling a long distance to rehearsals,
and even a bout of swine flu did not prevent her from giving an outstanding performance.
The transformation of the character over the course of the play was remarkable to behold,
and it seems she can play everything from naive young girl via near-death madness to eye-popping vamp with aplomb.
It was a pleasure to see the vague ideas I had blossom in her hands to a fully fleshed out character, who broke my heart every day.
I hope to get to work with her again.".

-David Brown (Director)

"Catherine was a joy to work with - she is punctual, committed and flexible, both following direction well and giving valuable input.
Her British RP accent was spot-on for the 1950s traditional British housewife she played, as was her posture.
I was very impressed with the level of experience and professionalism that Catherine brought to the shoot, and I feel that she would be an asset to any production".

-Vicky Ward (Writer/Director/Producer)

"As a person Catherine is good-natured and easy to get along with.
As an actress she demonstrated enthusiasm and commitment, versatility, a solid work ethos and above all else,
a real gift for naturalistic acting that really brought her character to life.
I strongly believe that this is only a fraction of what she is capable of.
She was a credit to the production; a delight to work with and I would cast her again in the future without any hesitation"

-David Thorne (Directer/Writer)

"Catherine Adams is what I would call a real professional.
She acted impeccably in a difficult part film part, reacting to invisible green screen elements two days after breaking her arm.
You wouldn't know from the excellent results that she was in agony throughout her perfomances!
What a trooper.
Martin Rieser (Producer/Writer)

"What can I say about this young actress, except that her dedication and commitment to the project goes above and beyond our expectations.
Its was a pleasure working with Catherine and we hope to work with her again."

-Brian Hassan (Producer)

"Catherine Adams has the dedication, passion and above all talent to be one of the top actors in the country.
She has a certain X factor that most successful actors exude but without the attitude.
She put 110% into our production and definitely had one of the standout performances.
-Sonia Godding (Producer/Editor), Samona Naomi Williams(Writer/Producer/Director)

"The moment I met Catherine Adams I knew I had found my leading lady to play Annie for my latest film.
She was great to work with. She takes direction well and always puts 100% into every scene.
She brought the character alive on screen in her own way, which fitted perfectly into
the rest of the production, it made my job as a director that much easier.
She also helped in post production.
I would work with Catherin again any time.
-James McDonnell (Director)
"Catherine Adams is a hard-working, talented and conscientious actor.
She is reliable and fun to be with on set.
She also took an interest in post-production work for the film.
-Doug Hewett - Directer

"Catherine is a talented and reliable actress with a professional approach.
She is easy to work with and brought a great deal to two of my projects, a short film called 'No Alibi' and a documentary called 'Ironman: The Official Story.'
-David Studwell - Director/Writer

"Catherine was good to work with - coming on at the last minute and helped save a quick short I was working on. Thanks!"
-Jonathon Dupont (Director)

"The production was a sitcom set in a health club. Our first meeting was over a plate of carbonara, with one of the other actors and she was a great laugh.
By the time we actually got round to doing a read-through, I had already, in my mind, given her the part.
The actual shoot was pretty tough; we had to cram it all in one weekend and Catherine did not complain once.
In fact, she was a constant source of amusement, which is good on a sitcom.

She grasped the character straight away and responded well to both artistic and technical direction
and was most certainly a dedicated pro; she's completely prepared to take a hit/slap for the team!
I would work with Catherine again in a heartbeat.
-Benjamin Green (Producer) Green Bee Productions

We worked with Catherine Adams on Kids' Kingdom, a programme aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 5.
It was a very enjoyable experience.
She transformed Hazel, a squirrel puppet, into a living character so convincingly that
we sometimes found ourselves giving directions directly to Hazel!
At the audition Catherine offered us many different options for voices for Hazel and eventually we
decided on a fantastic cartoony voice that sounded almost non-human!
Despite having to put up with high temperatures and tight spaces on the set, Catherine was very patient and hit her cues every time.
It was a pleasure working with Catherine because of her artistic ability and her professional responsibility.
Thank you Catherine for bringing Hazel alive!
- Eva Sigurdardottir (Director) and Denisa Polesna (Producer)

"Catherine's role in Rubicon was surely one of most complex characters of the film.
She asked a few very precise questions in our first meetings and at the rehearsal she got it right immediately.
During the shooting, she proved that she has a presence and a sense of timing.
Walking in painful high heels, wearing a tight corset and cracking the whip were surely not her favourite things to do,
but she did it very professionally and the result is great. Many thanks Catherine.
- Frank Drewello ( Crystal Films)

"Catherine is a highly motivated and competent actress.
Bringing creativity, initiative and hard work to a project, she is an invaluable resource to any director.
When working on No Place Like Home, Catherine dealt with a very large amount of text, requiring the development of
six very different characters all speaking in different accents.
She responded to the challenge by bringing Sheila, Mallory, Thelma, Lula, Louise and Bonnie to life on stage and screen.
The production would not have been the same without her.
- Mari Hesjedal (MAaH Productions)

Catherine Adams was joy to work with; technically precise whilst also an extremely skilled comic actress.
I look forward to working with her again in the future
-Alice Kahrmann, Auroralight Productions"

"Catherine is extremely easy and fun to work with. She brings charisma to a role, as well as adding her own personal unique style.Short but sweet."
- David Studwell (Writer)
"In many ways, Catherine was a godsend.
From the moment she came on board, she made the part of the secretary her own,
transforming what might otherwise have been a very one dimensional caricature into a fully fledged human being.
But quite aside from her acting ability,
of which there can be no doubt, Catherine was an absolute pleasure to have on set,
attentive when I needed her to be, and game for a laugh when we needed that instead:
she made it very easy for me to trust her.
I would leap at the chance to work with her again, and so should any other directors.
-Tom Morton (Director)
"I was in 'No Alibi' with Catherine Adams in Spring 2004.
She immediately made a very powerful impression on set with her striking good looks and tight business suit.
She acted the part of the secretary with great personality and touches of well considered humour.
She reminded me strongly of those old black and white films when the frumpy personal assistant
takes off her glasses and lets her hair down while fluttering her eyelashes seductively
She gives a great look over the rim of her glasses! She really should have been on screen a great deal longer as I would say Catherine is talented enough
and dedicated enough to tackle a major role in a major feature.
If I'm lucky that feature will be one we are making together.
-Adrian Palmer (Actor)

When casting the role of Sarah the 'would be' reporter/journalist wasn't an especially well formed part. Added to that we had very little time to audition numerous ladies. 'Ren' was the first to turn up for the job in a cast get together in a pub in Ealing. On meeting her, we knew we didn't need to see anyone else. She managed to put the character firmly on the map, in terms of being more than a supporting role and would be an obvious choice for just about any 18-30 female role. Her camera sense is excellent and timing, especially for comic effect, very accompished."
-Mark Cottington (Script Writer)

"Catherine Adams is both fun to work with and professional at the same time. She brought a lot to the part of Michelle in 'Last Chance to See' and I would highley recommend her to anyone."
-Tim Bishop (Writer/Director)

"Catherine Adams is a charismatic actress who can transform words from ascript into a truly believable personality.
Her timing is impeccable and as a film actress; she has huge potential.
Given the right role she couldeasily lead a film and bring qualities that could enhance a story tounlimited heights.
Ideal for every director and cast, she gives a commitment to a project unlike many other actors/actresses.
"- Carl Davies (Writer & Director)
Simon Bayford Lighting (Lovefool) + Stills Photographer:
"Catherine is a true Professional.
Brilliant performance, she shows great enthusiasm for the work she does and was a pleasure to work with.
I would love to work with her again.
-Simon Bayford Lighting (Lovefool) + Stills Photographer:

"Catherine is a truly talented and morphic actor.
Not only does she possess a unique beauty that magnetises the screen and viewer
but her ability to don character after character,
voice after voice, type after type defies description.
With minimal information she intuitively grasps the nature of a piece or role and immediately delivers.
A sharp and witty mind, a body of applied cultural knowledge and a physical aesthetic that touches the hardest of hearts are at Catherine's disposal.
Truly unique.

-David Ian (Writer & Director)"

"Catherine Adams is an excellent and versatile actress.
Her gift for the dramatic is only surpassed by her comic timing.
Having directed her in a number of comedy shows where she took on a vast array of different characters,
I can say she is a reliable,professional and very funny actress.
I look forward to working with her again.
Elliot Stewart (Director)

"I offered Catherine Adams the part of the Clare in Dead Girls of London for several reasons.
The main one being she was very real.
She played the naive and very trusting young lady, and still managed to keep the audience on her side and care about her.
At first Clare is flattered that young handsome Christian pays her any attention, only to gradually realise he is evil and dangerous.
Catherine gave her changes of mood subtly and convincingly; from being blindly in love all the way to being fearful for her life.
We feel Clare's vulnerability and helplessness.
Catherine as Clare managed to have her at first being sedately and quietly dressed, and then
under Christian's influence change, gaining confidence and dressing sexily and seductively.
Catherine is able to sort of turn on a "switch" and look extraordinary beautiful.
The other main reason I am glad I offered Catherine the part of Clare is that she added something special
to the part coming up with suggestions when asked, to make the drama even more powerful and real.
I have also worked with Catherine as a script editor, and found her attention to detail very useful, asking questions
and making observations that would not have occurred to me.
If asked to quickly sum up Catherine Adams I would say: "unique, able to subtlety change her mood very quickly, very attractive,
professional, and an excellent actress.
I strongly recommend Catherine both as an actress and as a script editor, supervisor, etc.
Yours sincerely
John Martin"
Movie Craft, Producer/Director)

"To Whom It May Concern: It is my pleasure to recommend Catherine Adams. I have worked with Catherine on a short film project. Catherine showed fine interpretation, dramatic and vocal sense. Catherine has a marvellous acting ability, exhibiting excellent focus, intensity and concentration. I feel she is an actress of wonderful potential, and hope you will consider her. "
-Stuart Prosper (Director) Dun Productions.

"Catherine brings a level of experience and intelligence to her performance that allows - nay, prompts you - as a director to trust her with your work. "
- Marcus E Ako (Director-Escalate Experience Productions)

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