"This gentle comedy had me grinning throughout. Commendable performances by all. The farce of confusion and contradiction is not overplayed, with a lovely balance of sympathies throughout.
Special mention for Catherine Adams as the put upon 'friend', no spoilers here. Do go and see this."

"...Go see it! Tough call but think my favourite character was the female best friend*- she had me laughing and feeling sorry for her at the same time- so loveable!
Loved them all though. Well done to the cast. Really enjoyed it." 
'Departure Date' Audience Review clips in Edfringe.com *Female Best Friend, Sophie, played by Catherine Adams

"And there is Jane Parish, commonly known as Plain Jane, which is an extraordinarily accurate performance from the totally non plain Catherine Adams" 
MonoStereo review by Aline Waites for RemoteGoat

"...Catherine Adams was particularly memorable as the Robber Woman." 
Snow Queen review by Alison Hepus for The Reading Chronicle 
"Catherine Adams shows the passion behind Kay's hopes & dreams, and later her sad awareness of them unrealized beautifully" 
- Time & the Conways' review in Woodly News

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